Join Mifflin Township Fire in the Drive to Save Lives

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a public health crisis affecting communities across the country. On average, more than 80 percent of SCA's occur at home, and most people die before reaching the hospital. Our community is not immune from these averages. 

DSCN7747Although Mifflin Township Division of Fire, which serves Gahanna and Mifflin Township, provides high-quality, emergency medical care, improving  survival rates requires a collective community response with both EMS and residents serving as partners.
When faced with a cardiac event, every second counts. Bystander intervention is crucial to survival, and immediate, hands-only CPR can double or even triple the chance of survival for a patient while waiting for help to arrive.
Join us in our mission to train as many citizens as possible to perform hands-only CPR. Become part of our citizen responder squad, and: 

  • Learn how to recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
  • Learn what your first steps should be.
  • Learn and practice effective chest compressions
  • Know how to use a AED.

The few minutes that you can provide hands-only CPR until professional help arrives, may make the difference between life and death for a family member, friend or community resident.

You can make a difference. Join our community responder squad, because every second counts.

To see a complete listing of available community CPR classes and to register, CLICK HERE

If you are interested in scheduling a group for a CPR training at your location or ours, please contact the Community CPR Coordinator, Chuck Wilhelm, at (614) 471-0542.

All classes are taught in accordance with the American Heart Association guidelines.